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We prepare designs based on a number of considerations:

  • The total space of the site
  • Type, nature and volume of work
  • Number of employees and nature of sharing
  • The need for change and flexibility
  • The need for privacy
  • The budget allocated for such space

  • We prepare preliminary proposals for the site basing on the above-mentioned considerations through dividing the space by ready made partitions whether short or to the ceiling height. It could be open or closed glass within which venetian blinds are installed internally as needed. Other option could be through partitioning storage walls so that space would be invested.

    We distribute chairs and furniture according to the selected product and as per requested numbers. We take into consideration the space needed by each employee and the level of privacy and sharing, in addition to the number of equipment to be used in order to add all relevant accessories. We also study the level of lightning for each employee, improving it through a variety of lightning styles provide from the same products or naturally through high or short glass partitions.

    Our proposals are designed by our engineers in three dimensions. Credit is given to Class Solution in such manner, a broaden vision could be formulated for the project from each dimension where modification could be applicable.

    After conducting the requested modification on the preliminary proposals, our engineers take the actual measures for the site and modify the drawings according to the real measures and as per actual heights and lengths. We produce colored pictures so that to have a real sight of the project in its final structure and in the requested colors of which implementation based on.

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