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DesignPaolo Scagnellato

The Ellisse collection was developed through technological progress and product flexibility... View Gallery..


Design Paolo Scagnellato

A new version of our well-known foldable Roota armchair that has been a key point of .... View Gallery..


Design Paolo Scagnellato

Designed for universities, conference halls and training rooms, Copernico is a mono-bloc .... View Gallery..


Design Estel R&D

Demetra is very flexible and equipped for every circumstance, it’s versatility is a statement to a wide range of.... View Gallery..


DesignPaolo Scagnellato

High impact design, prestigious materials, impeccable finishes and high technological solutions. View Gallery..


Design Deko R&D

Collaborative seating for today’s working environment, a perfect combination of engineering and aestetics. View Gallery..


DesignDeko R&D

King is the armchair especially designed for the King’s Place Theatre in London, signed by Dixon Jones, became the beating heart of..... View Gallery..


Design Deko R&D

Medea represents a seating system for conference rooms, characterised by a strong and enveloping design and a compact form. View Gallery..


Design Deko R&D

An armchair with a rigorous aspect where the curved wooden backrest and under seat panel break the rigidity of the forms. View Gallery..


Design Marco Piva

Musa is a new technological armchair for Auditorium, Congress and Conference Halls designed by Arch. Marco Piva. View Gallery..


Design Deko R&D

One to One was designed as a chair for public seating, manufactured on an industrial scale, but endowed with a high degree of.... View Gallery..


Design Paolo Scagnellato

Platone is the new bench system for university lecture halls and convention rooms, designed and built for spaces dedicated to..... View Gallery..


Design Deko R&D

Sitting in battery for conference and congress halls, Quadra states its versatility, which is expressed in the wide range of..... View Gallery..


Design Paolo Scagnellato

Steel is the first armchair seating collection designed especially for conference, auditorium, theatres and cinemas.... View Gallery..